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We are here to become one of the most preferred Innovative & Trusted Organization in Global Healthcare & Chemical Industry.

VASISTA GROUP OF COMPANIES are into CRO, Manufacturing and Supplying of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Intermediates, Borane Reagents, Metal Reagents and Fine Chemicals operating from Hyderabad, India.

The top management team are highly professional 8- experienced in pharmaceutical arena with sound technical and quality knowledge and meticulously executes all the activities right from sourcing, design, development, optimize and commercialize the products.

Vasista is having strong customer base within and outside the country and Premium quality products are offering at best price by providing a competitive edge to the buyers.

Many esteemed API, Intermediate, CRO 8- Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Industries across the world are maintaining key relationship for catering their requirements and considering us as synonym for reliability and credibility.

Vasista strongly believes in quality and affordable products, especially the pharmaceutical industry is engaged in importing the materials from different regions for possible reasons of low cost and availability but when Quality matters, Vasista can be an advantage for its range of products and services.

Vasista has knowledge, talent and ability to become competitive, cost effective & efficient, only if mutual trust and confidence is nurtured.

Vasista Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.


VASISTA LIFE SCIENCES PVT. LTD., Hyderabad is a parent company of Vasista group established in the year 2010, engaged in Manufacturing of Drug Intermediates, Fine Chemicals, Grignard Reagents, Metal Derivatives and Borane Derivatives from Milligram to Metric Tons. The production blocks are constructed to meet basic GMP standards and having support utilities to deal all types of reactions.

Vasista, R&D Centre. Hyderabad.


To meet the growing demand and future requirements of various customers across the world, Vasista has set up a full pledged Research 8- Development Facility at Hyderabad on the name of Vasista Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd., R&D Centre with highly experienced and qualified professionals to optimize/retrosynthesis the API processes with cost advantage there by satisfy the needs of end customers. In addition, Vasista is ventured into CRO business to design, develop, optimize and commercialize the new compounds with team of scientists to meet growing demands.

Vasista Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd., Atchutapuram, Vizag.


VASISTA PHARMA CHEM PVT LTD., Vizag facility is a group company of Vasista which is under construction and commencing its operation by February 2020, with the state of art manufacturing facility requirements consists all facilities to meet National and International standards to manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical products right from milligram to multi-tons.

The New facility planned with capacity of 100.0 KL volume and mixture of SS 8- GL reactors at Phase-I with temperature ranging from -80°C to +230°C, Pressure reaction up to 15 Kg/Cm2, High Vacuum distillation system etc., to deal all types of reactions.

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